Tom's feeling a bit nervous as his rescue mission begins in this week's Heroes in Training!

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It's a couple of days late but Heroes in Training is back on track with Page 13! Tom's gearing up for his first rescue mission in this week's Heroes in Training!

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I can't believe it! It's been one whole year since I've signed up on ComicFury, and created the website for my first published webcomic, Heroes in Training! To commemorate this day, April 1st, I'm posting this special Traditional Art Piece for Heroes in Training! (Albeit a little late, whoops! View it here:…) One that I will actually make a tradition for my webcomic, so that we can all see how far our heroes in training have come along. Hopefully next year we'll have two more heroes on the cover! I've learned a lot about art over the last year, and have become a better artist as result. I hope that I can get even better by next April 1st! (Oh man, why did the anniversary have to be on April Fool's Day. xD) Thank you for all of the people who've read my webcomic, and continue to read it until now!

Watch out for a special anniversary page on April 7 to celebrate the day that Heroes in Training's first page went online!

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Heroes in Training - Page 9!

2016-07-17 04:00:51 by dragonkid85

Hey guys! I'm back from my hiatus, with Page 9 of Heroes in Training!!!! Check it out on: It's good to be back!

My Portfolio!!!!

2016-01-23 22:48:17 by dragonkid85

Hey Guys! How's it going? A few weeks back I've started to create my portfolio which will contain my Art, my Movies/Videos, my Songs, and my Games! It's still being set up but if you wanna check it out the link's right here:

Hey Guys! I've decided to start sharing more of my artworks here since there are some art contests that are held here every now and then. Everytime I post a new artwork you can find them here or where I usually post them in my Deviantart Account!

You can find it here: